Prep’d Offer, Exclusive to Teds Bike Shop

If you have not tried Prep’d yet and you do endurance sports, 1 1/2hrs plus then you need to get onto this product.

The PREPD two-step system has been specifically developed to boost the body’s hydration effectiveness before, during and after intense exertion.

  • 01> PRIME: PREPD Prime is a pre-workout hydration enhancer consumed 6-18 hours before training and competition. PRIME is designed to deliver an optimal dose of our unique resistant starch to prepare the gut to be able to use its full hydration potential. This helps you start better hydrated and absorb fluid more effectively when you need to perform.
  • 02> RECOVER: PREPD Recover is a post-workout rehydration enhancer consumed immediately after training and competition. RECOVER is hypotonic (low in sugar) and has an optimal blend of electrolytes to rapidly replenish fluids and salts. In addition, added resistant starch provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours following exertion.

Boost the impact of any sports drink and make water work harder with PREPD.